Montsaye Community Learning Partnership

Montsaye Community Learning Partnership considers education as a lifelong process. By working collaboratively across the entirety of a child’s education we aim to enhance pupils’ life chances by providing a cohesive educational experience that will help that child to become an independent, thoughtful and resilient learner who makes excellent progress regardless of their starting point.

Children will be encouraged to adopt positive learning behaviours as they develop into young adults and we will expect high standards of achievement and behaviour in a positive, caring environment which fosters mutual respect between students, staff and parents.

By creating a strong learning community across the schools in the MCLP we will create a positive learning environment where all pupils believe that they can achieve, wish to make progress and believe that their achievements are valued.

We will work collaboratively to achieve the following aims:

Quality of Teaching

  • To utilise the expertise already available within the MAT to provide consistently good and outstanding teaching to all pupils that encourages excellent outcomes for all pupils.
  • To work collaboratively to develop a range of pedagogical styles to meet the needs of all learners, including those who are exceeding age related expectations and those who require additional support to achieve.
  • To maximise opportunities for intervention, including cross phase work, to support Wave 1 teaching in encouraging high achievement.

Behaviour and Safety

  • To create a core set of values for MCLP schools based on mutual respect, encouraging pupils to celebrate diversity and considering others’ wellbeing in all interactions.
  • To involve parents and carers in a partnership with the MAT that encourages pupils to adopt good learning behaviours throughout their school career.
  • To ensure that pupils understand their place in the wider community and the positive impact they can have.
  • To utilise best practice in ensuring a safe and secure working environment for staff and pupils.

Leadership and Management

  • To ensure high quality governance within each school and within the trust.
  • To develop the quality of school leadership across the MAT utilising the individual skills and expertise within each school.
  • To ensure that the MAT vision is sustainable by developing the capacity for leadership, in particular by providing high quality CPD for emerging leaders.
  • To develop an engaging and innovative curriculum offer, breaking down the barriers between schools to offer targeted and effective intervention, and accelerated learning opportunities.


  • To ensure a continual upward trend of improved standards by raising the aspirations of all pupils.
  • To address potential achievement issues at transition points by sharing information effectively to ensure continuity of provision.
  • To ensure good progress for all and to address, and narrow, the achievement gap for specific pupil groups by providing early intervention to ensure good outcomes in all phases.