Loatlands Children in Desborough Christmas Tree Festival

Last week the children from Loatlands Primary School took part in the Desborough Christmas Tree Festival. Children walked to St Giles Church, many accompanied by family members, where all the Christmas Tree entries were displayed.  The church looked spectacular and we were very proud of all the school entries. A special Well Done to Jack whose tree “Winter birds” was voted the “Children’s Favourite” Tree.

Havelock children travel 400 years back in time

Year 2 visited Desborough Fire Station and then  investigated what happened during the Great Fire of London, learning about a man called Samuel Pepys, and discovering what it was like to live in 1666. They also discovered the history behind Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder Plot to blow up parliament. The children wrote diaries about the fire and newspaper reports in English. They built model Tudor/timber frame houses and produced artwork based on the theme of fire. Finally they spent a day in a 17th century London history workshop, learning about everyday life of people in that period.

Remembrance Day at Loatlands Primary School

On Monday 12th November the whole school attended a small Remembrance service on the junior playground. We held a 2 minute silence and heard information on how the poppy became the symbol of the British Legion. We were very impressed with all students’ behaviour and respect shown for such an important event

We are very proud of our display in the studio, the students have done an amazing job with the help of Mrs Blakemore and Mrs Burbidge

Throughout the previous week our Year 6 students had been selling poppies, slap bands and other British Legion Merchandise to students and staff.

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