One of the great benefits of our cross phase Multi Academy Trust is the ability to create a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.

Throughout their primary years children visit Montsaye for sporting events run jointly between all MCLP schools. Montsaye also have a sports centre available to the public all year round so the children are used to visiting Montsaye if their families choose to use this facility.

Transition itself begins early on for the children in Year 5 where special events are organised for year 5 children from all primary schools to visit Montsaye for Arts and Sporting events in order to meet with the staff and older children and get a taste of what it feels like to be at secondary school. By the time the children are ready to make the secondary choices they already know that Montsaye offers great opportunities for them.

Throughout Year 6 this steps up as the children visit Montsaye throughout the year for various events including sporting events and performances. Pupils with additional needs or worries have opportunities to have more visits before they start so that they start secondary school with greater confidence. Some children have also had the chance to extend their skills by attending classes for example for further maths.

Once the children’s places at secondary are confirmed staff from Montsaye visit the children and their teachers in their primary schools to get to know more about the children individually. Cross phase units of work are currently being planned for Summer Term 2018 so that the staff already know how well the children can achieve before they join in September. Finally the children spend transfer day at Montsaye so that they are excited and ready for the move in September.