Schools Information

logo-block There are eight schools in the Montsaye Community Learning Partnership with almost 3000 students ranging from Nursery to Sixth Form.  Below is a brief summary of each school and a link to individual school’s websites where you can find more detailed information.

Havelock Infant School

Havelock Infant School is a school for children aged 4+ to 7 years.  It is a place where each individual is encouraged to shine and develop to their full potential.

We at Havelock Infant School aspire to:

  • High expectations of ourselves in everything we do.
  • A partnership between staff, children, parents/carers, governors and the wider community.
  • Value individuals, encouraging independence and confidence.
  • Encourage respect for ourselves, others and the world around us.
  • Learning that excites, inspires and motivates.
  • Offer security and support.
  • Challenge and provide a stimulating environment.
  • Know that we can keep on trying to help us reach our goals.

Our wish is for the children to enjoy the beginning of their learning journey and treasure the happy memories of their time with us.

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Havelock Junior School

Havelock is a school of approximately 330 children, both boys and girls, catering for children from the age of seven to eleven years. The school building, built over a 100 years age and located in the centre of the town has been extended and developed, creating a pleasant working environment for both adults and children.

The school is committed to providing a learning environment where the achievements of all are valued and individuals are respected and encouraged to work hard and learn in order to achieve their potential. The school places great value on a close working partnership between parents, staff and governors in order to support the children's learning, and actively encourage the involvement of parents, both at school and at home, in this process.

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Loatlands Primary School

At Loatlands we actively seek to work in partnership with families to nurture the whole child and develop the highest standards of education for children in all that they do.  We believe passionality in creating a love of learning that will allow children to become enquiring learners in all areas of our enriching curriculum. 

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Montsaye Academy

Montsaye is a very active academy where learning, in its widest sense, is the central purpose of our work. The academy offers high standards of achievement, in a caring environment where good behaviour is the norm and students display positive attitudes to their work. We pride ourselves on having a dedicated, professional and committed team of staff. The academy seeks to value all students equally, rewarding effort and achievement on an individual basis.

We are proud of the wide range of opportunities that we offer all our students and these have been further enhanced through our specialist language and humanities status.

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Rothwell Junior School

Rothwell Junior School is a large Junior School in Northamptonshire. Our vision is to achieve the highest academic standards for all our children.

We are proud of our Federation with Rothwell Victoria Infant School and we aim to ensure that everyone involved within the Federation has the opportunity to achieve and to enjoy, to be healthy and safe; we will support their well-being in order to enable them to make a positive contribution throughout their lives.

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Rothwell Victoria Infant School

Our Vision at Rothwell Victoria Infant School is to ensure that all members of the school community are able to achieve and to enjoy; are healthy and safe; are able to make a positive contribution throughout their lives and achieve well being.  We have a highly professional staff, who are committed to providing a wide range of exciting and engaging learning opportunities for our children. The staff are supported and encouraged by the school's Governors, who are dedicated to ensuring every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Rushton Primary School

Rushton Primary School is a small school, supporting children from ages 4 - 11,  encouraged by our friendly staff who work strongly as a team and offer an excellent start to your child's education.

We believe that every child is unique, that childhood is precious and, as teachers, our job is to cultivate excitement, happiness and wonder.  We work hard to ensure that all children feel good about themselves and acquire a positive self image.  The children helped to create our school motto which all the children and staff strive to follow; "Learning today for a better tomorrow!".

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Wilbarston C of E Primary School

Wilbarston C of E Primary School is a happy and caring school where we challenge every child to reach their full potential. We are traditional in our approach, values and expectations. As a primary school we strive to ensure that every child leaves our school able to fully access the curriculum at the next stage of their education in secondary school. This is developed by working in partnership with families to ensure that children are clear about our expectations and work hard to achieve the highest standards of achievement and behaviour. We are proud of our pupils and our school because we all work hard together to have a happy and successful school.

Our Church of England ethos is important in developing strong relationships between pupils, between staff and pupils and families and school. The house system in our school exists to build on that sense of family that our small and caring school creates. We also have a successful and popular buddying system where children help each other to settle into school and learn how our systems work, whether this is when the child is new in Foundation Stage or any other year group.

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